Tomato Season

Technically there are four seasons on the farm – spring is always the first when I think of the chronological order of the season. Everything is green, plans are new – spring always gives the most hope for the upcoming farming season. Spring gives way to summer with the heat. The sun beats the […]

Let's Talk About our Food System

As summer turned to fall, our lettuce seed was tucked into soil in a plastic tray under a greenhouse. The tiny seeds germinated. For 35 days, they grew until their roots were confined by the limited soil in the transplant tray. They graduated from the greenhouse and were tucked into a neatly prepared field […]

Our Farm Ecosystem

There is a project down by the creek that gets a certain focus each November. The project is the invaluable space that is defined by the area that butts up to the edge of our fields and extends to and along the border of Cache Creek. It is here that we are slowly, but […]

Late Summer Harvest

The summer is such a busy season! There is literally activity everywhere. The harvest of summer crops is still in full swing. Heirloom tomatoes are so tall, and reaching for the sky, it makes it a little more difficult to navigate when searching for the perfectly ripe tomato. The crews are in good spirits […]

Spring Priorities

It’s grow time in Capay!

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The rain […]

Autumn Rains on the Farm

We received a healthy shower of rain yesterday and today, under today’s blue skies and sunshine, the farm sits moist and covered with little pools of water. The ground was so dry from the intense summer that there are no pools of water on the soil, the pools are in the leafs of kale which […]