Late Summer Harvest

The summer is such a busy season! There is literally activity everywhere. The harvest of summer crops is still in full swing. Heirloom tomatoes are so tall, and reaching for the sky, it makes it a little more difficult to navigate when searching for the perfectly ripe tomato. The crews are in good spirits […]

Spring Priorities

It’s grow time in Capay!

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The rain […]

Autumn Rains on the Farm

We received a healthy shower of rain yesterday and today, under today’s blue skies and sunshine, the farm sits moist and covered with little pools of water. The ground was so dry from the intense summer that there are no pools of water on the soil, the pools are in the leafs of kale which […]

Farm Tank Summit

Food Tank, in partnership with the Sacramento Convention & Visitors Bureau, Farm-to-Fork Program, and University of California, Davis, is excited about the 1st annual Farm Tank Conference in Sacramento this fall. The two-day event will feature more than 35 different speakers from the food and agriculture field. Researchers, farmers, chefs, policymakers, government officials, and […]

Our Start at Farmers Markets

Our farm has always been on the cutting edge of distribution systems that connect a farm’s produce directly to the consumer. It is a little known fact that the reason our farm started was because my Dad got the city of Davis to agree to let him use their insurance to start a farmers […]

Bustling Spring

The grass on the hills is still lush green from the rains a few weeks ago. The clouds that have been floating overhead have added a contrast to the farmland that is a beautiful part of spring. The clouds always come from the west, and they often leave huge shadows on the ground as […]