Spring Overload

The winter can be dangerous with its stagnant state of farm activity. What ends up happening is I sit around in the office not being able to get any work done because of the wind, rain, cold temperatures and muddy fields. The result being I sit around setting into motion things that we will […]

Seedless Watermelons (non GMO!)

At farmers markets as a child, the summer season was filled with Crimson Sweet Watermelons. They were the best tasting watermelon loaded with tons of black seeds, but their crisp flavor was divine. They were a hassle to move often weighing 15 to 20 pounds each. They were harvested into bins, loaded and unloaded one […]

What’s Up With Farm Water?

California is a beautiful state. In the south, its days are forever sunny, moving north we find the south end of the Central Valley that is blessed with a near year-round growing season. As we reach the beginning of Northern California, the Salinas Valley, we find temperate weather that is ideal for growing vegetables […]

Spring Blossoms

The first fig leaves and a bird nest from last season.

A photo posted by Thaddeus Barsotti (@farmerthaddeus) on Feb 21, 2015 at 2:29pm […]

Thoughts of the Beginning

The beginning of a new year is cause to look at the past and think about the future. When I think about the beginning of our farm, the first realization is that this whole thing started many years before I was born. My parents had both graduated from UC Riverside and were working toward their […]

A Table of Summer and Fall

Summer and fall were both at our kitchen table this week – our kids picked cherry tomatoes off the vine, and we ate them alongside kale quiche one day, and last night, I made a pepper, collard greens and red onion stir fry for dinner.

There are only a few weeks in each […]